Many factors can cause a catastrophe. Wind damage to a property, floods, or some form of natural disaster. However, someone can get a cancer, or require a transplant of a major body part. In other situation it could be a loss of a family member or a business partner requiring a major change in the daily lives of one or other/s to name a few. We have some reasonable replacement of the cost associated with these disasters. Please get to know your needed coverage:

Bodily Injury indemnity
BI provides protection for injury, sickness, disease or death suffered by the insured.
Could be purchased on business or on someone in the household. Cancer
Pays the protection against any cancer.
This is also flat cash back in case of any form of cancer. Taxes free indemnity. Travel medical insurance
Medical or emergency evacuation of the insured. Automatically included with certain limits. Click here for a general health/life insurance quote. This requires an agent for proper quoting. Flood insurance, wind or other natural disasters. Please ask your agent.